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Create Mega Menu

Lorada provides powerful and flexible mega menu build function. In order to create menu, you need to go Appearance -> Menus and click “create a new menu”. After that, add new items to the menu as you usually do it with wordpress and click “Save”. You can see the Lorada custom fields in editing menu item such as “Menu Style”, “Submenu background URL”, “Menu Icon”, “HTML Block for dropdown menu”, “Main Menu Marker” and “Submenu Text Color Scheme”.
You can get detail info about the new editing fields in Menu Settings. And then, you will know about dropdown “Menu Style” more detail in here.

You can choose three dropdown menu styles:

  • Default MenuSimple dropdown menu
  • Full Width mega menuFull width mega menu dropdown
  • Set sizes mega menuSet custom width & height mega menu

After add all necessary fields, you need to set “Display Location” in Appearance -> Menus -> Menu settings. If you want to add custom widget or shortcodes in submenu, you can create HTML Block and select that block in “HTML Block for dropdown menu” field.

To create custom “Mega Menu” dropdown, you need to create a new HTML Block in admin panel -> HTML Block. You can build any layouts with Elementor page builder. After that, select created HTML Block in “HTML Block for dropdown menu” field.
To create original “Mega Menu” dropdown, you need to create wordpress original menu hierarchy in appearance -> menus.

Full Width Mega Menu Build

Set Size Mega Menu Build

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