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Menu Settings

1. Primary Menu Navigation

You can set primary menu options in Theme Options panel -> Header -> Menu.
In “Menu Color Options” section, you can set menu & sub-menu background image and color.
In “Menu Settings” section, you can set various menu options.

Menu Hover Style: Choose menu hover animation.
Menu Extend Text: Add your custom texts or shortcodes to show menu area instead of main navigation.
Show categories in Mobile Menu: Show/hide product category or the other secondary menus in mobile device.
Mobile Category Menu: Select created category or secondary menu to show mobile device.

2. Collection Menu

You can set collection menu options in Theme Options panel -> Header -> Collection Menu.
In here, you need to select your collection menu which is created in appearance -> menus. And add the other options such as “collection menu title”, “menu content bg”, “title background and color”.

To add collection menu icons, you need to add your icon in “Category Icon for menu” field of the admin panel -> products -> categories.

3. Menu Marker Usage

To show menu marker in menu navigation such as “Hot”, “Sales”, you need to create markers in admin appearance -> Menu Marker.
In here, you can add marker text, color and background. After that, you can select created menu markers in appearance -> menus -> main menu marker dropdown field.

4. Menu Icons & Sub Menu Background, Text Color Scheme

You can add FontAwesome icons in the left of menu label. You need to add full fontawesome icon class in “Menu Icon” field. Then, that icon will be shown in the left of menu label.
If you add background image url in “Submenu Background URL” field, that image will be shown in submenu background.
And you can change submenu text color scheme by light or dark according to background image color.

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